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tv   Fast Money Halftime Report  CNBC  March 2, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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the fed -- everybody said bernanke didn't talk queismt, but it gets the fed -- >> thank you so much. >> thank you very much. so red arrows are shining through right now. dow industrials down 26.5, nasdaq and s&p also in negative territory. we continue to track those two very closely. there's crude today. down 2%, gold down at 1712. let's get to our fast five. the top satires we're following today. google is searching for buyers. high-priced stocks from apple to price line keep going higher, but there's one big exception.
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google, is the search leader lost? bracing for material breakdown. red flags for material stocks after a 17% surge this year. more fuel for nike shares. will the fuel ban and jeremy lin keep the swoosh flying an annual it's says don't believe the hype for plus the trade today, let's start doing it, and get to the move with win. let's go to jane wells who has the latest on this interesting story. jane? >> hi, scott. here's what's happened. earlier this morning they filed an 8-k suggesting they got approval for building a casino. it said that agreement, the land concession contract was published in the official ga sith of macau. trading halted for over an hour, and then the company then sent
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out -- filed another 8-k, saying it was retracting the previous one, saying it was filed by mistake that that announcement had not about gazetted yet. now trading has started again shares have lost earlier gains, but still up over 4% last time i checked. so what this says is the deal may still be on, it's just not official yet. we don't know that for sure, but it's perhaps like leaking your earnings early. however, we don't know that for a fact. all they're say is so far this agreement has not been properly gazetted. what was interesting, scott, even though the earlier one was filed with the s.e.c., it was never on wynn's investor relations website, which was sort of confusing me this morning.
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dr. j, you saw some unusual activity. >> what a surprise. >> that's why you have to pay attention. >> people that were watching for the filing were reacting to it, perhaps some of the people that reacted before the gazetting that wasn't supposed to be gazetted were reacting. they were buying in the premarket today with no news out. they were buying as soon as the options opened it ran all the way up to nearly 130, which became at the money call. in fact, in fact it was trading about three times norm an full-session volume. >> do you buy it now, though, on the premise of they are going to get approval, and this is a gift of approximately 2%.
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>> let me turn to joey t., so you like the stock, your answer would be yes? >> yes, let me tell you why. macau revenue up on the year. wynn has had distractions with the okata is -- wynn is not even above the -- so excellent tail wind right now in macau in terms of the revenue, a lot of potential up sides. you have shorts in the space. i think there's more to go. technically you'll break out. wouldn't necessarily not be an lvs, but definitely -- >> and it's the kotai play here. the fact that it got gazetted again, that term that jane familiarized us with, the fact that this stock is continuing to
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move higher and has basically recouped most of the early loss. >> all of it, in fact. that's the definition of a spike. >> and it's kotai. yaw, they have macau, the fact they are this close to having that information, they will indeed have that expansion, that's huge. grasso, wants to button it up? >> a lot of people are afraid of the fluctuation, but if you look at lvs, the chart is a bit spooky, but i think you have to buy it for macau, for singapore, for the global expansion, global growth, and that's why you want to be in a name like las vegas as well. let's move on to some of the high-priced stocks, if you will. all of them are soaring so far
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in 2012, gone parabolic. really, joe, that's an interesting question. >> an interesting title for a book, too. >> i think all these names continue to move higher. the earnings have all been excellent. i like the fact that none of them have come out and made the mistake and splitting the stock, which i think would be the wrong message to send to shareholders that are in it. but i think when you look -- let's look at autozone, and the potential competition it would face online. right now the story continues. the organic growth that it's experiencing, again above 30%, that story is real, so all of these names, if you were to ask me, you put in a stop and you continue to ride them higher. >> patty, don't you run into the law of large numbers at some point? i'm going to play a clip from
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the ceo of price line, and we'll talk about it. >> you do run into the large numbers at some of the point in time, but the problem is these guys aren't there yet. which i policy l-- chipotle is poo-pooed a bet, but here it continues to go even further. these are names that you have to keep your eye on and you have to get in whenever you have an opportunity. >> what's the best name of the ones we mentioned that 50ud like to buy here, whether it's apple, price lin, chipotle, autozone, et cetera. >> if i had to choose one, i think it would be chipotle. i'm already in that space with mcdonald's, but i'm thinking maybe i need to get in again. >> doc, at some point don't you have to worry about the law of large numbers? i want you to listen to the ceo of price lin's jeffrey boyd speaking with maria bartiromo
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earlier in the week, with an interesting comment on that. >> we've done a good job, like asia, we still are subject to those laws of large numbers. >> all right. so the ceo says you have to wore about the law of large numbers. is the law of large numbers is -- from a psychological standpoint, yes, it is more different. >> forge psychological, let's go fundamental. how long will the earnings growth continue at those levels? >> when you looked at apple and they came out with the outcome
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and the for the 3g. they just did -- so don't tell me that they can't do that, because they continue to do it. >> what it's really about is not necessarily how much of a growth trajectory, but how much of an addressable mark there is there. apple does not have a dominant decision. >> except for i pads. >> except for the i pads. >> when you look at volatility. it's contracted so significantly, the protects you can get did really is cheap. >> let's talk about one of the few high-prized stocks.
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>> i'd really like to know why is google being left behind. >> let's -- i'm shored it -- but i believe it's a nice short to have where you have a bunch of longs. right now, when you look at google and the spending, the cycle of the last couple quarters, there's not a clear message from manage how it is exactly they'll rein in the spending, so there the drag is rather evident. you look at the valuation, it's a big cheap, but i think goog -- if the overall mark pulls back. >> scold, when larry set with steven jobs and asked him what do you think i should do as the guy running google, he -- larry
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page -- >> what did you want him over last night for dinner? >> he's on the speed dial here, judge. >> what's going on, look at five things that google can do. ear chasing a lot of costs. joining us is jeff kill berg. and it's good to have you. >> speculation rumor is in the market, and it has the real
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capability of moving at a moment's notion in either direction. >> absolutely, judge. we saw that technical trade. it fell short, 22 cents of that 110.82 left. in my mind, that objective is now filled. we are very susceptible to the headline risk. i think we're going to play pin-day-old ball a bit here. >> what treasuries are doing. ben bernanke is getting not
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quite a -- we know that the contracts are rolling. with someone inadvertently submitted a spread as a future. we saw those treasuries on a bungee cord go down and come back and those algorithms, we talk about on high frequency all the time, it was like a depth charge that went off. but i think the treasury -- is not off the table, and i understand the ramifications, and i'm not on board, but trading what they're giving us. ben bernanke is not shifting the focus, will not deviate from the plan and they're going lower. >> grasso? >> killer, you've been looking as an indicative of a sell-off in the equity market.
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have you changed that stage? or no? >> i was talking about this earlier, so perplexing to see the way this continues to be resilient. you see buyers come in, so i do anticipate viability. so in the event there is something cat trophic, there is a huge fire extinguisher, but i think we are long overdue, about a 5% to 7%. >> the point is something has to give. how long can you have 13,000 sore so on the dow and sub-2% ten-year, right? >> and as long as the fed keeps that are stance, a lot of people talk about qe-3, but i don't see how the fed changes their stance, so as you look at
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that -- it kind of bounces. it's been 12 opportunities, a dozen, judge, to buy the treasuries here since the august deadline debacle. >> good to see you. have a good weekend. >> you too, pal. i just want one energy name. if you look at the oil stocks and say sneer all done incredibly well since october of last year, which one do you want to be in? >> sun dcor will continue to do well. hos, hornback, and oxy, i own it. it's been a great to be on any pullback it's a buy the dip story. what stocks are headed for a
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b.k., look, we're making a point that people who are not on the show are still trading stocks. you made a trade today that i wanted to know about. >> yeah, absolutely. yeah, man, my real job is actually as a portfolio manager, so i do trade stocks from time to time here. usg, this is a company that makes wallboard. the thesis on this is as housing comes out foreclosure and goss to rental or the sales market, you need to fix up the home. you've got to put new wallboard in, spruce these things up. they just increased their prices. that has stuck. not only that, if you look at the street research on this, you've got four buys, seven holds, three sells, so a lot of room for analysts to catch up. >> not so different than the thesis behind, say, a home depot or lowe's, the rental cycle, so
12:20 pm
to speak. >> definitely the same type of thing, just more concentrated on exactly the renovation area. certainly with lowe's and home depot, you could get dinged. this, it's all about gypsum board. >> stocks obviously having a good move today, year to date, as you looked at that chart, b.k., what was that, 40-plus percent i think i saw there. >> yeah, it's already had a decent move. as long as they price increases stick, then some real earnings potential. >> let us know if you do anything else. >> all right. >> thanks, b.k. we'll catch you next week. etf is up more than 11% to date. our next guest says there are red flags in the chart. let's bring in abigail doolittle from peak theories research. good to see you. >> nice to see you too, scott. >> what should have us concerned. >> the materials look vulnerable to the down side.
12:21 pm
it's the sector to have not reversed the immediate term down trend. this probably reflects lingers concerning of investors. we also see the xlb is trading in a consolidation pattern. it appears right now to be a double top. that pattern confirms that 3640, if it closes belo you that level, the target is 35. there's an unclosed gap there, so overall i would say the xlb looks vulnerable, and again this probably reflects some worries around the economy. this is showing up in the chart of copper. >> on that note. is that why you're looking at freeport mcmoran as well? >> this chart looks very vulnerable. it's not reversed. it really has not recovered from last august. it also is trading in a consolidation pattern, a bearish descending triangle right on top the 50-day. if that patterns confirms, the
12:22 pm
target is 35, it looks like it could drop to that level pretty quickly. >> jon najarian has been looking at copper as well. >> what about bloomberg saying the stockpiles have dropped to the lowest levels and the four-week rally is the strongest that copper has seen since october. >> the rally when i look at it technically is bit a little bearish, and it appears to be creating a rounding top. i read something today talking about how inventories are buildings. right now, though, i think it continues to look vulnerable to the down side. >> abigail, thanks so much. see you soon. >> thank you. freeport mcmoran was the
12:23 pm
proxy in essence for the copper for years. you now have cper, which is brought out by uso, same entity brings it out. cper. so i think some of the buying that freeport mcmoran was getting on copper pricing, it's now been removed. cper is more of a better pure play on copper. let's move on, talk about jeremy lin, will be has done wonders for the msg stock. now one more name could see the linsanity live. lift. sometimes investing opportunities are hard to spot. you have to dig a little. fidelity's etf market tracker shows you the big picture on how different asset classes are performing, and it lets you go in for a closer look at areas within a class or sector that may be bucking a larger trend. i'm stephen hett of fidelity investments. the etf market tracker is one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity.
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welcome back to the "fast money halftime report" first of our radar, gold is getting a lot of the conversation, but silver is being watched by our joe t a terrano terranova. you have gold right now down around 1711. there has not been a significant rebound from wednesday morning's sell-off.
12:27 pm
i would not parallel -- just be short silver, just be short gold. those are the trades. >> i've heard a lot of people talking about the massive pullback in gold and big dropdown in silver as being a buying opportunity. you say it's confirmation of a reason to short it. i think there is. when you hear the fundamental chatter surrounding what may not happen. with that first asset purchases, right now thing about who is trapped, longs or shorts they're not getting the bounce. deeper discounts are eating into its margins. patty edwards? >> well, big lots has been a benefactor of a lot of the overstock we have seen in the retailers.
12:28 pm
>> i think there's better places. i would not be in the call space. i don't think the environment is conducive. they have been beaten up. sdploot it's been over a month now, knicks and shares of msg have enjoyed success off the newfound king of new york, but nike hitting another all-time high today. to break it all down, we welcome tapush barry. we should already say that nike had a relationship with engineer write lynn. it looks like they're trying to leverage it more? >> absolutely. so, i mean, this couldn't have worked out any better for nike. a new york market with the nips team starrings for good
12:29 pm
basketball. who you as the deals with the nba. is it nike or somebody else? >> it's adidas. >> don't they lose some leverage? >> yeah, they have a new sneaker. it's not even an actual kind of athletic high-profile sneaker. it's a higher fused low-top that they're selling. that's the closest they can get to to a lynn basketball sneaker. i would expect something
12:30 pm
comparable to a kobe or lebron or jordan at some point later in the year. >> give me ex-jeremy lin, what you see ahead for nike shares. >> our price targets is $115. i see nike as a grinder. a lot of good things going on this year, summer olympics, prices increases, footlocker, a big retailer for nike posted 7 1/2 comps for the fourth quarter. february is up 15%. so a lot of innovation in the pipeline for nike. you probably saw the galaxy shoes being sold out last week, selling on ebay for $2,000 plus. i think jeremy lin is just the cherry on top. this fuel band is supposed to be big? >> yeah, i waited online for two hours in front of the nike story. i got there the first day at 1:00 p.m. already sold out. so i got there earlier the second day, got my nike band,
12:31 pm
$150 people in front of me telling them on ebay for $300. nike is trying the hardest to keep up with demand right now only in nike stores, they're affiliating themselves with apple just like they did and is the reality is nikes is known as a forward apparel company, but on the margin doing -- >> maybe the most surprising thing is you had to wait in line for two hours, nike is not hooking the analysts up, no advance copy? >> i couldn't accept it if they did. >> taposh, good to have you on the show, glad to see you're doing boots on the ground research. >> is there anyone taking credit for manufacturing joe terranova's shirt today? >> definitely not a nike. >> what do you think about nike? would you buy? >> i don't get what steve just said, but i love nike.
12:32 pm
think continue to work, hitting on all cylinders. it really is in a sense, it is somewhat of a defensive play, believe it or not, in the continued growth they're seeing internationally, there's no reason not to like it, enjoy the ride. >> european cup, soccer, a lot of big things on an exposure standpoint. >> and a lot of the same things think point to about apple, remember the worries about sweat shops and nike, all the rest, same thing is hitting apple occasionally. neither stock was held back for very long because of it, though. >> patty, do you have to worry about input cost. >> cotton prices are coming down. i totally agree. it's one that i own, and i will continue to hold. >> would you add to it? >> i would add to it. if you don't own it, i think you need it in your portfolio. >> talk about nfl licensing. yeah, yeah, that's huge. up nest steve liesman look
12:33 pm
tess russian. in our traders make the call on whether the latest stock to debut has the same same fate. we'll be right back. [ laughter ] ♪ [ female announcer ] each one of us is our own boss. ♪ and no matter where you are in life, ask your financial professional how lincoln financial can help you take charge of your future. ♪
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welcome back.
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russian search giant had a successful ipo in may, but is trading below the offer price as growth slows, cnbc senior economics reporter steve liesman is in moscow, but got an inside look at google's russian competition. good to see you, steve. what i'm about to show you, is a refreshing change for this country, ping-pong, gym, pool. and a music room, we're inside the hippest office in russia, one of the only a few search engines in the world to beat google inside its own country, but not all fun add games as
12:37 pm
they try to protect the company's 60% market air from domestic and foreign competitors. one of the fathers of the internet insists it remains. and i believe better -- who pack it all together. with the company trading at 45 times earnings, the bulls hope he's right.
12:38 pm
it's heart to know if it can maintain that market share, but we do know the market share is growing. 45 millions russian internet users, plenty of potential here for growth. one other thing about the young programmers you saw so they don't have to be retrained. >> love it, steve. steve liesman for us in russia. the sales growth is in fact grow, google is a problem. >> google chrome is a problem. that's the one name that i really like and would want to own, but it hasn't proven itself yesterday. may of 2011, 65%. they again last month fell again.
12:39 pm
on the other side, google chrome, 10%, this past january 30%. obviously google chrome is a problem for them. also the concerns about a possible secondary share placement is problematic as well. it's not time to buy it yet. >> all right. let's talk about yelp. it's screaming higher on the first day of trading, up more than 60% after the company priced its ipo above the expected range. is the company already overvalued? let's bring in max wolf senior analyst at greencrest capital. why do you think it's already overvalued? we think that's pretty comfortable. we like the company, we like the business model, what it has
12:40 pm
done, what it is doing. we like the best of breed apps. it's on the window many, dominant, that doesn't necessarily mean that a 60% first-day pop is in our wheelhouse. we tend to look at dcft. comps, this company will face increased competition. >> not profitable, but get the ebitda positive. possibly the later half, but paying for profits that might come 12-plus months out, before they arrived has been a fairly dangerous undertaken. >> longs of room for growth. just after the stock opened for trading. believe it? >> yeah, i do think the paypal
12:41 pm
mafia has been pretty good in delivers. i think they have a highly engaged your base that generates their real value proposition, with a nice price point. they're going to have to compete with groupon, possibly more problematic on wednesday if they're pushing into mobile, and whether that's pandora or yelp, make it hard to monetize the apps, we do like the company, the management, the model. sometimes within the first few trades, pops up from there. >> just a quick question about zynga, moving away from just being a facebook app really and instead having their own
12:42 pm
platform as well. isn't that a better way for thoex who can't quite get into facebook, because it's going to be a crowded trade rather than going after a social media like yelp? >> until facebook -- they're not able to buy facebook. once facebook becomes public we'll have a better idea of who is interested in these on a pure play basis. that said, yelp has a good relationship with facebook. it's not quite as paracytic as you've seen with zynga. i think it needs to prove the business model really works, and it's a better company that often gets credit, it's hard for the street to get its arms around the model who are having a hard time, having trouble buying real things. they are buys it, i do like zynga. blik yelp, it has a solid bits model that can can build out in
12:43 pm
an accretive way. >> thank you, it's nice to have a good face with us as well. >> thank you. in the private market valuation dipped below 100 billion. >> it will be hard to follow, too. this one, as much as people want to sell them when they see these outside pops to the outside, as jim cramer said, you just won't get it on the short side and effectively stay shorted. >> it is a successful ipo. >> very much so. >> no doubt about that. >> it's a successful ipo if you've got the allotment. if you're buying it today, the jury is still out. most retail investors, they're not buying it until today. apple stock keeps going up. could the price of one of the its most popular products go down? stay tuned. all in one account. it's powerful, easy to use technology for trading stocks, options, and futures.
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optionsxpress, the broker smart traders deserve. open an account today at
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i guess there is something in me that has always been strong. i've always gotten through some pretty rough stuff without falling to pieces. ♪ ♪ coming up next on "power lunch," data hogs beware. why at&t is pulling the plug for certain smartphone customer also. attention small investors. if you're afraid you missed the rally, it might not be too late to get in. hunting for yield? we've got the names of five high-paying dividend darling. that's next on "power lunch." scott? >> sue, we'll see you in a bit. our trader are fast, but not always right. time for fast fire.
12:47 pm
what our dr. j had to stay. >> it's time to take some profits. not that i don't believe in the story, but one of the large real estate plays as far as banks and finance, this has moved almost 50% since the middle of december. i say take the money and run. >> bank of america is up 11%, but who could fault you for wanting to take it off the table. >> no putdown of moynihan or anything else. >> you're trying to be a prudent trader. it was up 50%, exactly what you said, scott. >> no, i understand, but maybe this underscores the fact that people aren't willing yet to give the benefit of the doubt for any longer period of time to the banks, right? >> it's like, okay, i've got my 50%. maybe it has some legs. >> it sure could.
12:48 pm
>> so the fast fire is deserved. i have missed the last 11% for bank of america and 3406d on to other traits. >> let's move to our green trade. nat gases have tanked, down 17% this year, trading near all-time lows with some of the nat gas stocks like chesapeake and eog have posted double-digit gains. i know you follow it as close as anybody does. >> in the last six months of a lot of natural gas companies learning to lift in an environment. natural gatt below 250, not showing any signs, but you look at a pioneer natural resources, cxo, and apache, they're all learning to live in this environment, and they're performing well, getting more oily where it's necessary, and those names are working right now.
12:49 pm
you can't assume that you can't make trades in good natural gas companies. >> on deck we're trading your tweets. so stay with us.
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
welcome back to the "fast money" "halftime report." some of your tweets now. apple acquiring nuance, that's an interesting thought, joe. >> interesting with all the
12:52 pm
conversation surrounding the speculation that potentially an ipad 3 could have siri in it. now up around $35 found support, stabilized if you want to step in and buy it, it's okay to do so. >> this is all about apple maybe putting some of its cash to use in buying one of its suppliers. that's sort of the thesis here, is it not? >> the other side of that which herb greenberg correctly points out is you don't know necessarily what the relationship is. is it a fixed relationship with apple? that's yet to be disclosed. also 40% of nuance's revenues come from the health care space. so i'm just looking at it as a pure stock trade. >> and skyworks or cruz be better plays because of nuance because of what you just mentioned about the health care expose yur. >> potentially it would. from a trading standpoint if you're looking to buy nuance a lot of people ping us on twitter
12:53 pm
about does seem to have stabilized. >> is rth a better way to play retail right now. patty, given those numbers we had yesterday. >> it depends on what it is you're trying to accomplish. xrt is an equally weighted index. it's really looking at more the middle of the mall stocks, specialty stores. rth is really more weighted -- it's a cap-weighted index. you'll get a huge slug of walmart in there. it's going to be more on the big box retailers. personally i think big box will do better than the mall. look at rth. >> patty, i'll stick with you on the next one. anybody got info on the airlines running up hard today on a flat tape? i know, patty, you've owned some of the airlines and may still own one of them at least. >> alaska is one i've been in and out of. currently i'm out of it. i don't have any insight as to why it might be running today other than the fact oil prices are coming down a little bit. you know, this is one of those where if you're going to be playing the airlines, i would want to be in the best of breed.
12:54 pm
in my mind, that's alaska. >> why are you out of it now? if you have a love/hate relationship, why are you out at the current time? is oil a factor? >> it is very definitely a factor. we've joked sometimes in the office you want to have oil and trade airlines in inverse correlation. i've only got so much room in the portfolio and right now i don't have time for it. >> it's spring cleaning. it's march already. >> it is march. i'll get on it. >> it's been a rough week for the euro down nearly 2% against the dollar and trading near the 132 level. will the selling continue? let's bring in mark chandler at brown brothers chief strategist. are we going to go below 130 say in the next week to ten days? >> week or ten days might be cutting it close, but that's where i think we're headed. the big event next week is not just u.s. jobs data, but on friday is when the europeans
12:55 pm
finalize their private sector involvement with the greek bailout. we're not sure the participation rate -- if the participation rate is low, they could be collective action clauses attribute to credit default swaps. >> why is the euro not part of your trade strategy today? >> i think here's what's going on, we want to do in the currencies is jump on a faster horse. while the euro is weakening today, i think what you want to do is jump on the swiss franc. the euro swiss at 120, we're half a percent away from that. if it's going to come down, the swiss franc will probably weaken faster or more so than the euro. risk/reward. >> give me a specific level i want to do. >> sure. right now we're trading on dollar swiss right below 9150. at these levels above 91 a good place to enter long dollar position and headed back towards
12:56 pm
98 and possibly above parody by the end of the year. >> good stuff, mark. good to have you on the show. have a good weekend. >> thank you. >> be sure to catch more currency strategies tonight. coming up, final trades from our guys. and gals. with a new view of the market, you could see an investment opportunity you didn't see before. fidelity's next generation ipad app lets you see what's trending around the world, as well as what over a million fidelity customers are trading throughout the day. and advanced charting lets you customize your views
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final trade time. let's go around the horn. patty edwards, kick us off. >> next era energy. i'm buying. i already own. i'm adding to it. a clean energy company. not only the old florida power and light and a 4% dividend, but also getting some clean energy with it. >> the guy whose tan nearly matches joe's shirt. >> wynn is garnering all the headlines today. come monday you're going to look at the global growth story. take a look at las vegas again. it's about growth. lvs. >> doc.


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